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'Ellllllllllllllloooooooooooo Loves!

As many of you saw and supported through our socials, this week we took our first trip to the Ed Expo games hosted by the Institution of Education Sciences and the United States Department of Education. This expo exhibited all projects that were funded by our taxpayer dollars to target different aspects of the learning system and create an engaging method of learning outside of the traditional classroom.

These games were developed to enhance content learning in Special Education, Science and Engineering, English Language Arts, Early Learning, Math, Health, Social and Behavioral Studies, Social Studies, Careers and Cyber Learning. These games and organizations are reinforcers of the content our kids and the next generation will need in to succeed in the professional world as they get older. Since we, as adults are the keepers of valuable insight for the next generation it's our duty to take them to higher levels. It's a part of our mission to give them a competitive advantage in not just our cities or the nation but in the world.

Fun Fact: At a minimum, 500 of the fortune 500 and most competitive companies are global. Which moves our talent pool to an incredibly large and competitive market.

So, this is one way I bring you added value: we now have exposure to some of this market and these competitive games that could play a part in our growth/development. Across the Next couple of weeks, we are going to introduce a few of the highly competitive finds.

Starting with:
This week's feature, ROBO CO., due to the fact that next week they have a beta testing launch on the Roblox platform.
For those unfamiliar, Beta Testing is basically when a developer and/or designer runs their product commercially to check for functionality or quality issues.
According to the head developer next Monday 9/25/23, this game will go live for the week. They mentioned the full launch of the game will run October 16, 2023, and on. Robo Co is a STEM and Robotics game where you can build custom robots to perform different tasks. If this game is a product you (because games aren't just for kids) or the youth in your life may enjoy. Be sure to let us know if you give it a try too.

Have fun and play well.

XO, Boober Company

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