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Grow Your Vision With Us

Industries We Support

Here we take ideas, turn them into plans and bring them to life. See some of our started projects below. 

We are open to partnerships, support, and expanding our network. 


Language Learning, 
Gaming & VR

Our biggest and most developed innovation is our Language Learning Board Game. Our prototype has surfaced and we are working on scaling for commercial opportunities. 

Automotive and EV.

We are driving innovation. BCIH is taking leaps into the Automotive Industry to change the way we view these engineered systems. Literally.

Auto Virtual Reality


Aerospace and Avionics is a passion project for our innovation's hub. We are collectively looking for ways to bring cutting edge methodologies to life.

Modern Quantum Technology.

 Boober Company is leaning into Quantum comprehension and development. 

How We Support

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Continuous Improvement

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Technological Advancement and  Digitalization 

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Market Insight and Expansion 

Sign with us. 


We have a range of standard retainer agreements. Any other retainers could be adapted to meet project needs.    

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