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The Worlds FIRST Multi-Language Learning Board Game 


The worlds  first Language Learning Board Game(s), to be called Culture Blocks, was first conceptualized in 2018. After 2 years of research,  database building and prototyping,  the board game is ready for the next level. This group learning game  is  built upon  (but not limited to) 30 different languages and 60 conversational phrases.  



Culture Blocks is fully intended to create a FUN, learning experience for youth, teens, or adults curious to learn conversational phrases in another language.   We are making it our mission to provide our learners skills and creative opportunities from group learning environments. 

Our company mission is dedicated to creating efficient and dynamic change, while driving innovation across a multitude of industries. Our mission is to provide excellence to our customers. 


Culture Blocks is going to  start with the Romance Languages - Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and of course English itself. Then based on language popularity Boober Co will release the additional 25 (+) languages. This tabletop board game will eventually evolve into a VR/AR experience. Initial board game manufacturing will be located in Connecticut, USA.

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