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Children’s Game Intro…

Hey Hey!

It's been a while... I know. However, before I dive in to what's new @ Boober Company - I wanted to share a few games we found at the Ed Expo! As promised 🫶🏼

Diving into STEM (My Favorite)

For our first game intros we'll be diving into one of my favorite subjects: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Being a lady engineer and innovator/inventor these skill sets play a large role in taking my projects from theoretical ideas to functionable products.

Future Engineers: When you subscribe you and your families are exposed to different challenges that you can participate in.

EXPLORE MINDS LABS: This game is very cool, I was actually able to play myself. It's a blend of game chips and a phone or tablet.

Each character has a specific strength and each strength plays a role in completing a challenge or mission. Across the challenge you'll utilized these chips to achieve the tasks. It was by far one of my favorites.

If you, your kids, nieces/nephews, students, grand babies or communities like anything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) these games are some really fun finds to challenge the way these kids think.

Let's give these kids a head start shall we!

Until next time,


Boober Company

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