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Learn a little something... Italian.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Ciao Bella, or hey pretty!

Did you know that the country of Italy is shaped like a boot. I suppose there is a reason they are known for their fine shoes and the Milan fashion district.

Let us depict this graphic really quickly...

Did you know Italy is one of the European Union's peninsulas, which means a majority of its land is surrounded by a water. There are incredible coastal regions, boating and fishing in Italy.

Tourism for Italy's architecture is a major attraction, which is why we have incorporated the Roman Coliseum and the Liening Tower of Piza... you know because not all good things are straight. ;D.

Interestingly enough the Alps mountainous region ventures through 8 Countries, Italy, included. Alongside Monaco, France, Switzerland, Italy Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Fun fact, Italy has aerospace engineering and manufacturing capabilities too. Frankly it's only fitting with Italy's engineering capabilities. Historically, Italy has been known for many of what we'd call Luxury cars, i.e., Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo Etc. These Italian cars are well known for their cutting-edge designs, aero dynamics and style.

All together we presented just a few of the many things we could learn from Italy in our graphic. So, ciao to our European Neighbors and all we've had to gain from their culture.

They say when you are full of love, it comes pouring out into those around you. Hense the reason why I wanted to share something I love with each of you. In 2022, I took a trip that led me to Italy. During my time in Italy, I learned just a bit more about the many things that make Italy to be as beautiful as it is. I wanted to share the beauty I had experienced with you.

This line of work leaves me so full of love, I make it a part of my life's mission to share what I can. I hope that between our positive experience, our knowledge and our game, we create a community to help you learn as well and prepare you for your present and future.

Regardless of the intent,

We hope you learned something Italian today.

XO Boober Company

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