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May We Learn to be Better Than Who We Were Yesterday.

Ask yourself what makes your day a valuable day. What is it that makes you feel connected to those around you?

Is it the subtleties of passing a fellow runner on the street, stopping to greet to one of your neighbors and their dog, thanking the clerk at the grocery store, talking to your sister about the new Barbie Movie or telling your teammate about your latest foodie adventures.

There are many moments throughout our days, lives even, that are dependent on our societal interactions. Furthermore, we're acknowledging our vital dependence on each other to function in society. Now with that thought in mind, what would you do, if you flew into a foreign country without an inch of language or cultural knowledge. It could be quite difficult to bridge those societal gaps and needs.

Since Covid and the reemphasis of the electronic age it is common for us to be surrounded by others and feel as though we are still very lonely or disconnected. As these feelings exists even when communication shouldn't be an issue, imagine the result of adding on a language barrier.

Although, we couldn't say it's not doable, (speaking from personal experience) one of the best aspects of intercontinental travel is becoming immersed in a culture that is different from your own. There is no better way to catapult your experience into a more meaningful one by leveraging our resources into creating a more connected adventure.

Speaking firsthand, I know what it is to put a personal wall up in another country, without having the confidence or experience to speak those foreign phrases out loud. Which is why it's become a part of our mission, to empower more individuals interested in learning a new language by providing a fun and safe place for them to make mistakes, learn and continuously practice with others.

Many say life is short, when in reality it's truly very intentional. There's enough time for us to pursue our goals and create better opportunities, not only for us, but our next generations.

May we learn to be better than who we were yesterday.

XO Boober Company

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