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Updated: Sep 13, 2023

So, us 90's babies, how does life feel? We've lived through a lot haven't we. To think ~20+ years ago we were sitting in elementary school, surrounded by large social structures, we were sponges, looking to our teachers for guidance and answers... and here we are, teachers now. Whether we are leaders in our fields, actual teachers, parents, aunts and uncles, coaches, or just living in society - we are steering the ship.

When we think about putting our hands on the next generations of life, the next generation of leaders, who do we want them to be, what do we wish to leave behind. I don't know about you, but I am hoping to leave behind a smarter, and more communicative generation. Like the representation of America, we strive to develop an educated and cultured generation, an adventurous generation, people who aren't afraid to learn from the world.

Think about it this way, we've had an opportunity to learn from the best. From a young age we've seen the greats turn mail to I.M.'s and emails. We've watched cells surface which led to portable calls, texts, facetimes and now we could see Augmented Realities - digitized social medias and graphically designed worlds. In other words, we've seen real people bring amazing, beneficial ideas to life. We've felt the impact of technology grow around us.

It is real people everywhere everyday taking their days by the hands and building a world the wish to see. At Boober Company we are no different. I've seen us grow; I've seen us work to get to where we are.

Here's our new - this year we've been passed up on 3 funding opportunities (Big L for them, right?). - but we aren't going anywhere. We're not done fighting, we're strong enough to carve our paths. The truth is we don't always win every battle, but we get up and keep going because at the end of the day our next generation will be better of being able to speak multiple languages and gaining confidence in travel and connectivity.

The truth is we've had 31 orders of magnitude, we've experienced old friends as supporters our common vision. We've had what were strangers and now supporters join our goals in building this game. The truth is we've come a long way and have a long way to go. So, thanks for having faith in us - because we won't let you down.

Let us share the progress we've made so far without external funding. We've made our French and Spanish Prototypes. We've targeted graphics covering the 4 Romances Languages Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese plus two others Hawaiian and Japanese because both cultures are truly dear to my heart. <3

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