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Stem and Robotics Game Beta Test Reminder (THIS WEEK)


As many of you saw and supported through our socials, last week we took our first trip to the Ed Expo games hosted by the Institution of Education Sciences and the United States Department of Education. This expo exhibited all projects that were funded by our taxpayer dollars to target different aspects of the learning system and create an engaging method of learning outside of the traditional classroom.

We wanted to send out a reminder of a new game to hit the market, so you don't miss the opportunity to play and practice and potentially call out any bugs. You'll need a computer, tablet or phone where you can access the Roblox platform.

This week's feature is ROBO CO., due to the fact that as of TODAY 9/25/2023 they have a beta testing launch on the Roblox platform.

For those unfamiliar, Beta Testing is basically when a developer and/or designer runs their product commercially to check for any existing functionality or quality issues. We use this period of testing to determine if any debugging is needed before a full product launch.

Comparably, we could consider those never-ending app updates and how often they arise - to us it's standard procedure but for the developers it's their chance to launch something a bit better. For example, did you know Apple Inc. requires app developers to keep apps up to date. They work with developers and ensure any deprecated features, frameworks or technologies that will no longer be supported in future versions of an OS are phased out. These methodologies are used as strengthening agents to keep the product not only growing with technology but providing a higher quality product to their end users.

Monday 9/25/23, this game will go live for the week. They mentioned the full launch of the game will run October 16, 2023, and on. Robo Co is a STEM and Robotics game where you can build custom robots to perform different tasks. If this game is a product you (because games aren't just for kids) or the youth in your life may enjoy. Be sure to let us know if you give it a try too.

Have fun and play well.

XO, Boober Company

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