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The Art of Funding Something Big.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

First, I'd like to thank you all for supporting us at Boober Co. <3. Each of you has supported us whether it's a share, subscription or a purchase. I am beyond grateful to have all of your support.

As most of you may know, as of March 2, 2022, I had released a rough draft of my first book. The book was and still is dedicated to the life journey that brought me to where we are today. A place in life where I'm advised to have a backup plan, but for some reason I cannot let this dream go. This project is a pillar in my artistic journey and a steppingstone for my business growth.

These works of art are personal projects to share with the world. With these I would like to inspire, give hope, and provide a push to reach our dreams. These products were crafted not only to address social constructs and relative concepts for a 21st century, Lady-CEO, but it’s also a way for Boober Co. to fund something much bigger.

We've been working with CTNext, CT Innovations, CT's Women's Business Development Council (WBDC), Forge, BBC, UCONN SBA, UCONN Law Clinic, and many other start-up support communities to help set the foundation of our start-up. Much like you'd see on Shark Tank or in Silicon Valley, your very own Connecticut fellow is working on her big project. Similarly, to recent stories of Silicon Valley Bank, being an entrepreneur in the modern age can be very risky, and costly. Which is why Boober Co. is looking sell the book and the graphics, to strengthen our foundation for the game. Book and graphics sales being pumped directly into product development costs for the language learning board game I have been brining to life for the last few years. These products are also allowed for point conversion when the game reaches the market (Meaning that they will have a point value that can be used to increase you and your teams scores while playing).

What is this Big Project?

It's a tabletop boardgame, that will teach 60 phrases in one of 30 languages. This will be the world's first language learning board game was created to help in many ways. The game will help kids that grow up surrounded by Spanish speakers, yet couldn't learn, have an opportunity. I want to encourage adults going on their first work trip abroad to feel comfortable navigating in a different country. We strive to connect current residents with their roots, they may not have been exposed too. We are going to create a place where we can learn as individuals and connect us as communities across the world. So, when you support and or share our mission, you are also sharing our ability to learn more, live more, and connect more.

Experiencing diverse environments, local and abroad, if there is anything I've learned it's that there is so much beauty in our cultural similarities and differences. It could be found in the dance, food, traditions, familial ties or the language itself. There are incredible and inspirational people across our communities and this world we could learn from... and should. So, through language, with the support of our board game we could strengthen our chances of connecting and save time doing it.

If you'd like to support our mission and our board game, we ask that you share with your friends and family. We ask you to invest in one of our graphics. We also ask that you use the COUPON CODE: WeAreBuilding to receive one of the graphics below for free (still point

redeemable (limited one per person and expires on the 20th)). When you retrieve the graphic (s), we also ask that you share on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, or IG so we help spread the word).

We also hope that you are excited about this game being made for us, because we sure are.


Alison L Boober

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